Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life as of Late...

As I laid awake in bed last night, I ran through so many various topics and events that I have been wanting to blog about lately but have not found the time for. So, this is my "catch all" post. Here is how I have been spending my time lately…

The Fabulous Friends Valentine Dance…which is an annual event that I always love attending. This year it raised over $80,000 for African Leadership.

I spent the weekend at "Winter Camp" with my freshman d-group, which was quite the flashback to my high school days. It was a blast, but not much sleep was acquired.

Chocolate covered strawberries at our weekly Bachelor viewing party. Yum!

I have been puppy-sitting this little fur ball, Beyonce! She is just too cute!

And I have mixed emotions on this topic, but next week is my last week of tutoring/testing for the year. I will miss my [usually] precious kiddos, but the free time in my schedule is much needed.

Even in this freezing winter weather, I love me some Jeni's ice cream!

Camille left flowers beside all of our beds for Valentines cheer. There are perks to living with four single ladies!

This winter, I am loving the booties [and so are all my friends!]

And, despite all the busyness, I love love love to stop for little lunch dates!

What has been occupying your time this winter? I hope you are finding the joy along the journey in whatever you may be doing.

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