Monday, April 7, 2014

The Cookery

Nashville is full of delicious, quality restaurants. I love that about this city. On Saturday, Livvy suggested we go to The Cookery. I hadn't tried this place yet, but I love the mission behind it. 

The founder is a formerly homeless guy, and it employs all people who are getting off the street and getting back on their feet. It is in an up-and-coming area, so its perfect for the transitional nature of the neighborhood and the restaurant employees.

Aside from appreciating what The Cookery stands for, both the food and the service were outstanding. Our meals were delicious. The waiters and waitresses were incredibly kind, friendly, and attentive. The decor was rustic and comfortable.

 I enjoyed my lunch so much on Saturday that I took my parents back the very next day! (And that is really saying something considering how many delicious options we have to choose from in this city!).

 I would highly recommend checking this place out!

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