Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monday's Literature

I have been trying to do more leisure reading lately. It has not been as successful as I'd hoped, but yesterday was a very literary day. 

First of all, my lovely friends Parker and Kelly were named the best Up-and-Coming Band by Rolling Stone! That is a huge deal and they certainly deserve it. I am SO excited for them and their band, MamaDear. And Rolling Stone is a fun magazine to parooze.

I spent the morning doing school work, but after getting a good chunk of work done, I "rewarded" myself by writing a paper for my Grief and Loss class that I had truly been looking forward to writing. I analyzed the loss and anticipatory loss in The Fault in Our Stars. I thoroughly enjoyed flipping back through this book I'd read a while back and analyzing it. If you haven't read it, go get a copy now. Its heartbreaking and wonderful.

In the evening, Camille and I ventured downtown to the immaculately crafted public library to hear Emily Giffin, famous author and fellow Demon Deacon, speak about her new book! She was hilarious and so relatable during her speech…and she encouraged me, as well as other aspiring writers in the crowd, to always keep writing. And, of course, signed my book with the best closing phrase, "Go Deacs!".


What good reads have you come across lately?! Please share!

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