Monday, June 9, 2014

A Refreshing Weekend

When I was looking at my calendar in April and trying to firm up my summer plans, I realized that June 7th and 8th was my only free weekend from May to August. Between weekend class, weddings, and trips, my schedule somehow got a little fuller than I wanted it to be. Such is life. 

But, this weekend was the most wonderful "free" weekend. I woke up Friday morning with zero plans after babysitting that day, and the next three days unfolded beautifully! They were full of little surprises, fun run-ins, out of the ordinary activities, and lots of incredible friends. If I had known how wonderfully refreshing it would be, maybe I would have rearranged my plans to have a few more free weekends :)

Friday night was spent celebrating good ole Carlyle's 57th birthday with a porch party at my parents house with their friends!

Saturday morning, Rita and I woke up early to hit Porter Flea Market. It was hipster central and a prime location for people watching. We ran into so many friends, old and new, as we were browsing all the crafts and creations for sale there!

Also a prime location to eat lunch at all the delicious food trucks.

After that, a few more friends joined us for drinks as we prepared to brave the CMA fest crowds to see MamaDear, our friends Parker and Kelly's band, perform! They were amazing :)

Their show was incredible and it was fun to see all the craziness taking place on Broadway.

We headed to Chick-fil-A for some refueling, napped, and then got ready for a (late!) night out to celebrate the little Bizzell finally turning 21 at midnight! We hung with our friends til it struck midnight…

 then met Ashley and her friends to celebrate til the bar closed, which was FAR past my bedtime, but it was so fun to be there and celebrate with the Bizzell sisters!

Sunday was also my dad's actual birthday, so we celebrated with a picnic in the park! More delicious food and fun company!

After that, Bess and I went to our new friend Zirk's new rooftop pool. It was amazing. I pride myself of knowing Nashville, but I had never seen the city from a view like that. We were literally eye level with the top of the Batman building.

After the little pool date, Rita and I walked the greenway to work off all the food we had been consuming all weekend. We then decided last minute to go see The Fault in Our Stars movie. I am not much a movie girl, but this one was well worth the time and money. It is beautiful, heart wrenching, lovely, and sad. All at the same time.

And after the movie, we all climbed into our beds and called it a wrap on a wonderful weekend. It was so refreshing. It is times like these that I realize how incredibly blessed I am by my surroundings. It really is the little things that make life so enjoyable.

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