Saturday, August 17, 2013

Orienting Camille to Nashville

This week has been dedicated to orienting Camille to the wonderful city of Nashville. 

This included [almost daily] trips to Las Paletas, Jeni's, Donut Den, Fido, Taco Mamacitas, the Purple Cow, etc. and tours of every trendy Nashville area...including fun places like East Nashville and Radnor Lake.

Camille already fits right in in this beautiful city...and we can't wait to have her!

It was a pleasure for me, seeing as I am obsessed with this city. It was also a good introduction for Camille, since she plans to move here in the coming weeks. And, most importantly, Camille finally won over Aunt Bea's love before she departed yesterday. 

Aunt Bea awaits her move to Nashville!


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