Monday, August 12, 2013

A Lovely Weekend of Sendoffs!

This weekend was packed few days of doing exciting Nashville-y and really made me thankful to be back in this wonderful city that is filled with people I adore. 

The past few days have been full in the best sense of the word. I tried to capture moments and fun outings courtesy of my iPhone, so here is a glimpse of the fun that was had these past few days.

Paletas with my parents for a Friday night treat :)
Giving tandem rides to my precious neighbor kids who adore the cat that I despise.

Friday night reunions with cookie dough to celebrate Grace's return from the west coast!

Showering Lucy, who will be getting hitched in October, with fun gifts and spending time with old friends all the while!

The Nashville hear has suddenly taken a turn for the worse, but the shaved ice truck makes it so much more bearable!

Saturday night we ventured to East Nashville for one last American burger (a delicious one!) before Emily leaves for a year in Asia.

We walked the walking bridge to soak in the beauty of Nashville.

Sunday afternoon we had a sweet prayer time and send off for Em, blessing her travels and work across the world!

Another dear friend, Claire, is about to move to Sunday night was a music filled send off party full of Nashville talent and fun old friends.

This weekend really solidified how much I love this place and the people that occupy it....I am glad to be where I am :)

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