Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lake Weekend

When asked if I am a beach or lake girl, I always struggle to answer. I adore the beach, but growing up in landlocked Tennessee, I have countless fond memories of weekends at the lake with friends.

This weekend, in preparation for Emily's departure for a year in East Asia, we spent one last weekend on Smith Lake. It was fabulous. Warm, sunny days, great meals made by our gracious moms, and plenty of laughter and great conversations.

Emily, myself, Betsy and Rebekah just catching some rays on the dock.

The neighbors let us borrow their paddle board (which I had just learned to do!) and we had so much fun trying to balance on it.

On Saturday afternoon, a thunderstorm quickly blew in and my mom pulled out paints and canvases for all of us to pass the time. It was a nice, social activity and it was neat to see everyone's interpretation of the same beautiful view from the Crane's front porch.

Here are the finished products. Can you guess who is the artist of each one?!

 Skiing is always a favorite lake activity, and I was a little too excited the first night (middle picture) and completely forgot my life jacket! Luckily there were no injuries involved, but we were much more careful after that. My mom and Mrs. Crane both showed up all the girls with their amazing skiings skills (especially for their age!!).

As a celebration of Emily's last days in America and Rebekah's birthday, per Mrs. Crane's suggestion, we whipped up some jello shots.

And we could not stop laughing as we all took them with our moms! Woooooo!

And, last but not least, we celebrated 24 years of Reb's life with some delicious coke cake!
What a wonderful weekend.


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