Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vacation Activities

I have only missed one summer in Harbor Springs in my 24 years of life. I love this place, even when it's sad to come after my grandmothers death or it changes over the years. Some years town is buzzing with tourists, while other years it seems empty. Often we bring friends up or reunite with cousins, but sometimes it's a quiet place with just a few people. Regardless, I have always loved this place and cherish the wide variety of memories I have from here.

This summer, it is just Ali and I, along with my parents, up here for the week. With that dynamic, we have been doing some different activities.

My mom has persuaded us to do a painting series everyday, where we all paint our own rendition of the same subject.

Harbor Springs will be holding it's first ever half marathon in September, so my dad and I have been running to try to start training for it (Despite the fact that I am painfully out of shape).

Today, we decided upon the family activity of paddle boarding. Nervously, we stepped out on to the boards in the harbor, hoping not to fall into freezing Lake Michigan. It was suprisingly fun and easy! We paddled all around for two hours...and we are all crossing our fingers that we don't wake up terribly sore tomorrow!


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