Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Good Life: Aunt Bea Carroll

If you are looking for someone with a great life, I have your answer. Aunt Bea, the Carroll family dog, lives the life. 

From being nearly the only one to use our private swimming pool, to stealing homemade rolls on an almost daily basis, to sleeping luxuriously in my parents bed every night, this dog lives well. My dad refuses to say no to this dog, so she rides around in his truck, goes to resturaunts with him, hops in the shower with him and can cry her way into getting any food he is eating. I have been laughing about this the past few weeks, so in the past 24 hours I snapped a few photos. Aunt Bea is currently on vacation with us in northern Michigan, which, again, just goes to show the kind of life this dog leads.

we love you, aunt bea, even if you're spoiled and your name is ridiculous!

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