Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Raspberries Galore!

One of my lifelong favorite summer activities is picking raspberries in Harbor Springs, Michigan. 

This year, there is an abundance of raspberries. With raspberries being my favorite food on earth, I am in heaven. I arrived on Sunday and have already gone to pick twice, and we plan to hit up the patch several more times before leaving.
Today's pickings!

I have been eating more berries than seems humanly possible, and my dad has been making us delicious cocktails with raspberries every evening. 
Our porch is the perfect place to enjoy the summery cocktails, too!

We just looked up the recipe to make raspberry scones (which I am SO excited about), but what else should we do with the berries?! There are tons at the patch, so we literally have unlimited amounts of fresh, delicious raspberries. Let me know if you have any creative ideas.