Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Keeping Up the Travels: Savannah

Although I am looking forward to being a little less mobile now that I am back in America, I had not even been home a week before I embarked on my first stateside trip. Since its been a year since graduation, eight of my girl friends from Wake Forest met in Savannah, Georgia this weekend for a reunion. The weekend was fabulous, in every possible way! It was so neat to see where everyone is, what we've learned, and how we have changed in our first year in "the real world".

Thankfully Kate came to Nashville and rode with me because it took way longer than anticipated to drive there, but we filled the time catching up. We all arrived from our various locations on Friday night and were greeted with hugs and wine in our adorable Bed and Breakfast...and the weekend just flew by from then on!

Saturday we had a delicious brunch, explored the Farmers Market with my dear friend Caroline who lives in Savannah, and got to meet her precious new born, Ella!

Later we walked down by the water, and then went on a haunted Pub Crawl, which was entertaining but I did not buy a single story, and afterwards we enjoyed a taste of the Savannah nightlife.

Sunday we had a lazy morning with coffee and catching up, then shopped the adorable boutiques and went to a lovely dinner at The Old Pink House and then got drinks at a rooftop bar overlooking the water.

Fun Fact: here we are sitting on the famous bench from Forrest Gump!
Monday morning, after soaking up the last little bit with a walk around the squares of Savannah, we were hugging goodbye and Kate and I were trekking back to Nashville. We were sad to leave our friends and the beautiful tree lined city of Savannah, but Kate and I both felt encouraged to be back in America where reunions and visits can happen more easily and more often.


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