Monday, July 1, 2013

Art in the South of France

I could share a million photographs and write hundreds of blog posts, but it still would not adequately depict the wonderfulness of my weekend in Aix en Provence. And since this is already my second trip to Aix,  I will just share the two posts about two wonderful things: Art and Birthdays.

The original reason I got the idea to return to Aix en Provence this weekend was for the art show of Jill, Serge, and Sergio

The show was phenomenal. It was in an old stone gallery that was tucked off a main street in Aix, overlooking the cloister of the beautiful Cathedral. There was a garden area outside where they displayed too. Because all three of them were displaying their work, which included paintings, sculptures, and lithographs, there was so much to take in and enjoy. Here are a few photographs to give you an idea of the adorable style that was created by the work of the Steenhuis/Ruffato family.


I also loved their studio in their beautiful French home. And I just could not get enough of Jill's beautiful paintings that capture the beauty of Provence so eloquently.


And I will leave you with an inspiring Cezanne quote that Jill shared with me this weekend, "Art exists to make one taste the eternal."


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