Friday, June 28, 2013

To all my visitors....

It is safe to say that I am extremely blessed in the friend department. I have wonderfully loyal friends...and that was apparent by the number of visitors I had this year. I want to give one final "thank you" to everyone who made the trek to wald-michelbach over the past year to visit me. Though this year was not easy, the visits and excitement leading up to the visits helped me keep the homesickness and loneliness at bay. Seriously, to my visitors, it means more than you know that you took the time to travel to the sticks of Germany to see me.

A tribute...
First my sweet parents came to drop  me off to start this adventure!
Though sadly she didn't get to see Wald-Michelbach, Lisa and I met in Munich for Oktoberfest.
My mom, back for round two, in October!
Kate and her roommate Erin flew over for a quick stop at the Christmas Markets! 
Adelaide, still a favorite for the dragons, hopped over from London to visit and we flew home together for Christmas!
Kate also came back for round two at the end of January and got to see the lovely Wald-Michelbach!
Emily and Bizzell did a team effort, and took the Odenwald by storm!
Rita paid Germany a visit, then traveled with me for three solid weeks!
Loin, as I knew she would, came to visit to make this whole event come full circle!
Eleanor and Kevin came to Wald-Michelbach...and it was an honor to spend time with the newly weds!
And Elisa, my d-group leader and friend, came yesterday and we had a lovely day together!
I cannot believe this year is nearing its end, but I am so fortunate to have had so many wonderful visitors! I am so glad I got to share my German lifestyle with you all :)

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