Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Full Circle

Back in the summer of 2011, after more than two months of exhausting traveling around Africa and Europe, all I wanted to do was have a few days to rest, but Loin convinced me to go to Dubrovnik, Croatia with her instead. I do not use the word "convinced" lightly, as I really had no interest in going, but thankfully Loin is persuasive and just after Ali and Jonny's second wedding in London, we boarded our flight for Croatia. And I am SO glad we did.

It was at an outdoor bar in Dubrovnik, where we stood debating if it was safe to cliff jump, that we met Joe Elliott. Joe not only talked us into cliff jumping, but also vocally promised to give me his job as the english teacher at The Dragon School for the 2012-2013 school year.
The actual jump was fine, but Joe failed to tell us that we had no way to get out of the rushing waves and jagged rocks afterwards! At the moment this picture was taken, I think Loin and I both thought our lives were over.
 We agreed on it, exchanged e-mails, and parted ways. But, Joe stayed true to his word and I stayed true to mine, and here I am in Wald-Michelbach, Germany.
If only Joe was in Wald-Michelbach to complete the reunion!
So, of course, I have been nagging Loin to come visit and bring everything full circle. And this week, she is here meeting the dragons and seeing what came from our random conversation on the cliffs of Croatia.

And, as cliche as it sounds, this story is exactly why I love to travel and adventure and meet people. You never know where life will take you next....


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  1. SO cool. The other part of this story that I like is that it all happened because you both kept your word.