Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lost in Translation: My Name

While I am very pleased with how much English my students have learned this year, there are a few (funny) drawbacks to teaching by immersion. As I've mentioned before, spelling is not the dragons' strong suit, but also, they really struggle with understanding my name. 

Back in August, I introduced myself as "Laura Grace" and the kids laughed and called me everything but Laura Grace. They later admitted to thinking I had said "Laura Chris"...which has since been transformed to "Large Chris".

So, I settled for being called "Laura" but they really do not even do that. It sounds more like "LA-da!" and I hear it about 4000 times a day. On top of all the funny pronunciations, the spellings of my name are even worse. The cute part is that the students always draw me pictures and make signs for my room, but I was looking around my apartment the other day and noticed how hilariously inaccurate all the spellings of my name I thought I'd share so you could also get a laugh.

And we're off to Sweden for a long weekend!

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