Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Practice the Art of Remembering"

It comes up every so often with my family that at Jamie's graduation from MBA, back in 2002, the speaker asked us to remember six words. The words were, "Find the good and praise it." (from Alex Haley's tombstone). That was a brilliant tactic, because of all the countless graduations I have sat through, I honestly could not tell you another take away from any other speeches. But today, I came across a graduation speech from my dear friend Claire's dad. Coincidentally, he was MBA's graduation speaker this year. This speech is incredible, and if you spend 15 minutes listening, I promise that you will not regret it.

My favorite piece of advice from Mr. Douglas, as the title reflects, was "Practice the art of remembering". I am a sentimental person so it makes transitions exceptionally difficult for me. I love photos because I love to look back at them and reminisce, but as I say goodbye to my students here in Germany, I want to make sure that I not only have photos, but that I practice the art of remembering each and every one of them.


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