Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thumbprint Art

If you need an idea for entertaining kids, I was so pleasantly surprised by how occupied the dragons were when I showed them how to make thumbprint art.

Eleanor (who is coming to visit tonight!!) and Alison got me this cute thumbprint stationary kit and I just randomly remembered it the other day, so I brought it to school. The kids literally went crazy and were busy making cards for more than two hours!! Especially at a free school when the kids get bored every two seconds, this was a miracle!

Dario made thumbprint characters of his whole family, cats and guniea pigs included, as well as making a birthday card for his dad (even though he had no idea when his dads birthday is!!). It was precious.

Literally everyone was obsessed with this. All the dragons were crowding around the table and even the other teachers made cards!

 I even made a few cards for friends, so start checking your mailboxes and maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive one :)


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