Monday, June 10, 2013

Soaring above the Alps

Since I have already written about Gimelwald rounds one and two, I won't bore you with all the details of this trip (although it was amazing!!), but I want to share my favorite part. Paragliding.
This is the sunset over Gimmelwald our first night!

For those of you who know how weak my stomach is, it is probably a suprise that I even entertained the idea of paragliding. But, it was a beautiful sunny day and we kept seeing people soaring above us with parachutes and couldn't get over the thought of how incredible it would be. So we casually inquired with a guy who looked like a paragliding instructor, and the next thing we knew, having signed no release forms and only told them as much as our first names, Loin and I were sailing high above the Alps like birds.
Loin was slightly nervous, so we took this incase it was our last picture ever...
Preparing anxiously....
And then you just start running towards the Alps....
And suddenly you are high in the sky!! 
woooo hoooo!
That little tiny dot in the sky is Loin up there paragliding!
We laughed because almost all of our pictures were just our shoes and the beautiful scenery....
This is the official picture that I stole...pretty cool view!
And here we are safe and sound in the valley...after the amazing adventure!
It was exhilarating, breathtakingly beautiful, and only slightly nauseating! If you even get the chance to paraglide over the Alps, it is worth every penny of the money. The views were indescribably beautiful and seeing it all from above is an incredible experience.


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