Friday, December 7, 2012

Wald-Michelbach Weinachtsmarkt

This weekend is the Wald-Michelbach Weinachtsmarkt, or Christmas market, and the town is looking very festive! The cute white lights with big yellow stars are strung throughout the town, with almost every store having their own tasteful christmas display! So, seeing all the decor, I was excited to see what the market would have to offer.

My first stop was the crepe stand, which never disappoints! But I also got some delicious dinner and tried several other holiday sweets! 

Thankfully it stopped snowing just before I got to the market, but it was still frigid. Luckily they were serving mulled wine in cute glasses that had a sketch of Wald-Michelbach on it! And it was delicious :)

My students told me they would have a train there, and as I was watching all the enthusiastic children ride the train around, I heard these two sweet students of mine, Feli and Alise, calling out and waving to me from the caboose!

The only part of the market that was indoors was in the old mill building, which is not heated at all, but they had a lot of neat handmade bags, leatherwear, and ornaments for sale inside!

The market was full of families and friends, both chatting and checking out the crafts and snacks for sale! It was fun to see some of my students and their parents as I wandered through the markets...I felt like this was the epitome of a small town festival. I met an exceptionally sweet lady who invited me to go to church with her and wants me to meet her daughter who is my it was nice to witness people in the christmas spirit! It definitely made me ready to be home for the holidays...which luckily will be happening very soon!


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  1. I hope these aren't false hopes you're building for amazing presents you'll be bringing home!