Friday, December 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home...

After being unexpectedly sad to leave Germany and a solid 20 hours of flying, you might think I'd be exhausted and miserable, but I have actually never been happier to set foot on American soil. From the moment Adelaide and I stepped off the plan in Dallas, I could not wipe the smile off my face. We took welcome shots in the Dallas airport as we happily used our American phones for the first time in months. We hopped on the short (especially compared to the 11.5 hour one we'd just been on!) flight to Nashville. We were greeted by our parents and my best friend Emily, complete with a welcome sign, fruit tea, and my car! All of those were things I was ecstatic to see after nearly six months! We laughed as we told stories and shared hugs, but I really cannot describe to you how blessed I felt by the love and excitement that was shared. Emily, my parents, and I feasted at my favorite mexican restaurant, the one type of food that is actually nonexistent in Europe. 
all smiles as we walk into the good ole U. S. of A.!
The feeling of joy and blessings continued as I came home, got to see my precious pup, and saw all the christmas decor. And even this morning, I woke up (at 6 am...hey jet lag!) and my dad gave me a foot massage, I listened to pandora as I drank my fruit tea and talked on the phone (yes the normal phone!!) to one of my best friends...all luxuries that I cannot enjoy in Germany. I literally cannot get over how great it feels to be home. And as much as I have been enjoying Germany lately, nashville will always be home sweet home!

home is where your pup is...


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