Thursday, December 13, 2012

Student Becomes the Teacher...

When I asked my sassiest student, Linn Sophie, if she would like to do an English lesson today...she promptly responded (in German) that she didn't know why I always asked her to learn English if I didn't even know German. Touché, Linn Sophie.
This is me and Linn Sophie...clearly not recently because we are tan and not wearing 5+ layers of clothing!

So...we made a deal. She got to teach me a German lesson today, if I got to teach her an English lesson tomorrow. She recruited Eva, who speaks a good amount of English, so they could make sure I understood the directions. So, I'm sitting there with two nine year olds teaching me a lesson....I guess thats what I get for teaching at a "free school" :) Linn Sophie was impressed when I read her whole mermaid book in German, even answering most of her questions correctly. Then, we moved onto a vocabulary game where they laughed endlessly at my horrible pronunciation of every German word...then decided I should complete two vocab exercises for homework! (It's extra funny that they gave me homework since the dragon school doesn't believe in homework....)

Working on some of my homework!

This whole situation was pretty entertaining...and my German does need some work. I will say that my it has improved exponentially since I arrived here...but I still have a looooong way to go. Unfortunately Linn Sophie is not the only one who has noticed my lack of German skills. My cab driver the other day told me, "I can tell you know a lot of German, but your pronunciation is horrible." (Gotta love the directness over here...)! I will say that Kate and Erin were very complimentary of my German skills, but that was probably just because they are my friends and understand the whole moving-to-a-foreign-country-and-trying-to-learn-the-language thing. 


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