Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My First "Real" Visitor...

Not to downplay my mom's wonderful visit, but my friend Adelaide got in town last night and I would classify her as my first official visitor in Wald-Michelbach! She's the first person that I've been able to show around town, take her to see the beautiful views from the hills behind my house, introduce her to my students, and, of course, just have fun catching up! And, to add to the list of positives, we are flying back to America together on Thursday so I won't have to make that long trip alone!

Adelaide was a huge hit with the dragons...they were literally ecstatic when I told them I had a friend here and couldn't wait for her to come downstairs. They jumped on her back and gave her a very warm welcome!

This was on our lovely tour of town, which was short considering how small my town is, but it was fun to see the views. Sadly for Adelaide (but lets be honest...I was happy), the snow melted when it rained this weekend so there is grass showing for the first time in weeks! The weather is warming up a little to prepare me for my arrival in the soon!


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  1. You first'real' visitor? Should I ask for a refund from my airline? Was I not there in October??