Wednesday, December 5, 2012

27 Never Looked So Good...

Happiest of birthdays to my wonderful sister, Ali!
I am thankful for your love for me, the stories you'd tell me til I fell asleep at night, your style advice, the way you always included me with your friends, introducing me to good music, the wonderful example you set for me in so many ways, breaking the ground so I never had a curfew, the clothes you always let me borrow, and the way you understand me when no one else does...

And I am a little less thankful for the way you rarely answer the phone, the time you threw up on me, the fact that you never want to straighten my hair for me, and always accusing me of copying you...

But in all seriousness, I love you Ali and I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!

P.S. Check out Ali's awesome new company Lydali...It's a great place to shop for Christmas presents!


  1. LOD! you are the best, but i can't believe you brought up the time i threw up on you. love you so!

  2. Ali, now that your birthdays over, when did you throw up on your sweet little sister?