Sunday, December 2, 2012

Playing in Prague

I visited Prague on one my first trips when I moved to Germany, but unfortunately I was a novice at traveling solo and it poured down rain almost the entire weekend. I still loved the city, though, so I jumped at the chance to meet a few friends there this weekend for Christmas markets. And, as expected, it was a magical weekend in a beautiful city.

It was a quick trip, so we hit the ground running Friday afternoon. The girls I was meeting are studying in Florence this semester, so this was their last trip before taking exams and heading back to America. We walked the city and enjoyed the snow flurries, ate delicious Thai food, saw a little bit of Prague by night, and warmed up over mulled wine and hot chocolate as we all caught up on recent travels and stories.
Chi Os loving the manger scene!
On Saturday, we layered up for a day of sightseeing. We left our hostel at about 9:30am and did not get back til after needless to say we made the most of our time! We walked the Charles bridge, saw the John Lennon wall, and explored Prague castle...but the best part were the Christmas festivities.

The architecture in Prague was absolutely amazing, and we climbed up high (Sara got even higher!) so we could take it all in!

 It was opening day of the markets, so we stood with the old town square as they lit the tree and turned on all the Christmas lights. It was wall to wall people, and we all felt like we were waiting to watch the ball drop in Times Square! But, despite the crowds, we held on each other and enjoyed the beautiful christmas decor! And once the tree was lit, the square looked amazing...outlined by the old buildings, lit by a huge tree, and filled with the vendors selling items that smelled like Christmas! We explored the markets...trying so many delicious Czech foods and admiring all the crafts.


This weekend was the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit (especially since I'm far from home and won't be in America til just before Christmas...). The weekend was also filled with laughter, christmas music, meaningful conversation, which was fun and encouraging for me!


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