Saturday, December 15, 2012

Deck the Halls...

As I am anxiously awaiting my return to America in a few short days, I have been realizing how much I appreciate all the Christmas spirit here in Germany. I've been to a billion Christmas markets, but more than just those, almost every street in lined with lights and every store has cute, home-made displays in the windows. It is nice because it feels like Christmas is more community based here, with everyone gathering at the markets and taking the time to decorate themselves rather than hiring a company or just slapping up some tacky decorations. Not to hate on America (I honestly have never been more excited or enthusiastic about coming home!), but it seems like Christmas is more of a production there. People are often caught up in the busyness of preparing their house for the holiday, what they're wearing to various christmas parties, or making sure they have a gift for everyone on their list. It has been nice, here, to watch people really slow down and spend the holiday season investing time in others. While the decorations may be less, they are done tastefully and thoughtfully. From crafts my students make, to advent calendars, to the lights strung over the streets, all the decorations are really simple. Less really is more. And, of course, I have enjoyed all the beautiful decor and the contagious christmas spirit. 


But as the song says, "But the prettiest sight to see, is the holly that will be, on your own front door"...

 See you soon, Nashville!


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