Monday, December 10, 2012

Old, Old, Old Food...

After my fabulous weekend in Munich with Kate and Erin, and before my day took a turn for the worse, I stopped by the town of Regensburg where my mom spent a year abroad. It is an adorable place, decorated carefully for christmas, and filled with cute shoppes and markets. The one place that I remembered from my mom talking about it and our visit there over ten years ago, was a restaurant called Wurstkuche. It is located just off the river, famous for sour kraut and brat wursts, and has been serving food for 860 years!

And, as it should be with 860 years of experience, it was delicious! The restaurant has also flooded quite a few times in its they have all these little stone markers on the wall showing how high the water came up. Apparently just last year they had a pretty bad one! But, despite the water and everything that has transpired the last 860 years, this place keeps on serving wonderful, authentic German food!


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