Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tis the Season...

With the holiday season already here, I thought it only fair to give it a little attention on my blog. Firstly, I thought I'd share pictures from the little Thanksgiving celebration I went to this past weekend. My friend and pseudo-mom here in Germany, Rachel, is working on making her little German hometown sister cities with Franklin, Tennessee (a cute suburb of Nashville!) so she had some Tennesseans in town for Thanksgiving to see about making that connection. I joined them on Saturday, along with a few other German-Americans who had some Nashville connection, to have a little Thankgiving celebration. We went and did a tour and wine at this amazing old monastery, Erbach Abbey, which was absolutely beautiful and such an authentic experience!

The wine tasting was by candle light in an old wine cellar, but the wine was delicious and the setting was intriguing. And, of course, the pretzels were delicious!

Afterwards, we went to dinner and continued celebrating. For me, enjoying the company of english speakers and talking about how wonderful Nashville (and Franklin) are was like a dream come true. The whole weekend was a blast and such a nice way to feel like I got to have a Thanksgiving celebration without being the obnoxious American.
This is me and my German-American friend, Stefanie, who is also my Wake Forest recruit!

And now, for the next holiday, I am so excited about all the Christmas Markets I will be able to attend! I've heard people rave about these since I moved to Germany, so I can't wait to experience them myself. I will spend this coming weekend in Prague with some Wake friends, then the following weekend of my best friends in the world, Kate, is coming to Germany so we'll explore the Munich (and nearby) Christmas markets, and I am also going to get to see the christmas market in the hometown and hopefully swing by Heidelberg at some point because they have a huge ice skating rink in the middle of their market. Needless to stay, I can't wait for this to commence! 
You can't really tell in this picture, but the streets of Wald-Michelbach are already lined with christmas lights and stars!

And after the next three weekends in a row at various christmas markets, I will hop a plane for home sweet home!

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