Monday, November 5, 2012

Doctors in Deutschland...

Today I had my first experience with a doctor here in Germany. And, surprisingly, it wasn't bad. It was just interesting.

Before going, my co-worker/friend Katha called for me and briefed them in German for a random American to come into their tiny Doctors office in small town Germany, so fortunately the lady at the desk was not confused when I got there. I had google translated (and tried to memorize!) everything I thought I might need to say. To my surprise, it worked pretty well. Also there were no nurses, which I thought was strange. Then when it was my turn to see the doctor, he just brought me into his office and it was a casual conversation (thankfully in english, mostly!). It did not feel like a doctors appointment in the was just like a business meeting. There was no examination or sitting on a medical table or anything. The only thing that somewhat reflected a medical side was that he pulled out the full body skeleton (think elementary science class...) for me to show him exactly where it hurt, since his English and my German could not specific exact body parts very well. And then he wrote me prescription for antibiotics and I was off on my way. It was so quick and very different than any doctors office I have ever visited before, but I got my meds so hopefully my ear infection will be gone soon and I will be back to full health!


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