Thursday, November 29, 2012

Days with the Dragons...

I feel like I only post about making food with my students (and lets be honest, we do make A LOT of cookies!) but I wanted to share some pictures about the average days here at the Dragon School. This school is hard to describe and a get a wide array of reactions when I try. So, over the past few days, I've been stealthily snapping pictures of my dragons doing everyday activities. Though this school is far from traditional, it is a very happy place and these students always brighten my days with their smiles, creativity, and funny english phrases.

Eating: I usually only work 5 hour days, and during that time the kids take turns cooking, preparing, and eating TWO meals. So, a lot of time is spent in the kitchen.

Crafting: Boys and girls alike, love making crafts. Everything from painting their nails to christmas decor to origami, the dragons love some handmade creations.

Games: You name it, my kids play it. The dragons love games more than any kids I've ever known. They will easily spend five hours straight playing Uno Attack.

Music: This is one aspect of school that I can offer no help whatsoever, but the kids are almost all musical. There is always someone sitting at the piano, and they have two people come ever week for guitar and drum lessons. I am always impressed when I hear them play...but I'm still waiting to see a performance from "The Dragon School Band"!

Reading: The library at this school is amazing, and all the kids LOVE cuddling up in the reading room with a good book. I read at least five Dr. Seuss books out loud everyday...the dragons are so enthusiastic about any and every book!


Computer: I am impressed by some of the students' abilities on the computer...They have this amazing animation program and a few of the kids are really good at it! I also had to bribe a student today to print my train ticket for me because the German Train Website is super needless to say these kids are experts at computers.

Selfies: Though cameras technically aren't allowed, whenever the kids see my phone, they immediately want to take self pictures. Here are a few of the winners!


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