Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eleanor & Kevin

Last weekend when I was in southern England, I pretended like I was a seasoned photographer for a minute and took a few engagement pictures for Eleanor and Kevin. We were all pleasantly surprised with the way they turned out, but I give all the credit to the fun-loving couple and the beautiful scenery at Woodfalls.




We persuaded Kevin to take some "Friendship Pictures" just for fun. They also turned out surprisingly well...if the medical world does't work out, Kevin, you can always fall back on photography!




  1. I seriously love these!!! Great job lodie!

  2. lod. you are too cool for school.i loved this time together. our friendship photos are so fun and i love the photos you snapped. please please please lets play soon. kevin wanted to come this weekend but i was like please babes can we space it out a bit. haha. he is obsessed with u and misses your debates.. beware he is planning a major kill on words.. so stay alert. x

  3. Look atchyou! Beautiful beautiful beautiful.