Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bright Spots...

As I've mentioned before, I like to try to find "bright spots", or little things to appreciate, in everyday life. The past few days, I have been blessed with countless fun little additions to my life. From a kind word to a new book, these little things can go a long way. So, in the spirit of being thankful, I thought I'd share a few.

My bosses always tell me to do what I enjoy at school, and the kids will surely join in. (Tough job, right?!) Well, today there was a lull in my day so I thought I'd get out paper and stamps and start making some cards for friends. Sure enough, the kids joined me immediately and were really enthusiastic about the stamps. Here is just a little glimpse of what we made!

Cat Earrings.
I was playing with clay with the dragons yesterday and one girl adamantly wanted to make me cat earrings. I was not crazy about the idea of her putting clay in my ears, but she was really into this idea. So we compromised, and she got to attach a cat to the hoop earring I was already wearing. This is one of the random, hilarious (#isthisreallife?) moments that comes from working with kids. I also thought it was funny today when one of the kids asked me what was on my earring, and I realized I still had them on, meaning I had worn them to the doctors office and around town yesterday without even thinking about it.

Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. and More Rain.
When I was moving here, I distinctly remember Joe telling me, "It rains here probably a little more than you are used to." What he should have told me was, "There are torrential downpours here almost every single day." But, he did not. So to cheer myself up with all the rain I've been dealing with, I just bought cute new rain boots.

Concerts and Cute Advertisements.
If you know me at all, you probably know my love for Mumford and Sons. And they just put out their spring tour dates for Europe, which I am pumped about because I will get to see them at least once! Plus, I love their poster...and the town resembles cute little Wald-Michelbach.

Good Reads.
I have never ever been a big reader, but recently I've converted. I honestly think its because I have time for the first time in my life. I also just got two new pairs of glasses so I'm even looking the part! But I read all the time, and even though I miss having actual books, my kindle is wonderful because I can get books instantaneously. (Currently I'm reading Love Does, which is a good, easy read) I was very excited, though, this weekend when my American friend Rachel gave me a Vogue magazine in English!

Cookie Dough and Cute Dragons.
Yesterday I promised the students we could make cookies today, and somehow that day of anticipation got all the kids SO excited about it. Literally all of them wanted to help make them, taste the dough, and crowd around the over asking every two seconds if they were ready yet. It was precious. And the cookies, I must admit, were pretty delicious. It was a fun-filled day in the kitchen at the dragon school.

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  1. so much goodness! Things we must discuss: books and our favorite new Mumford songs.