Sunday, November 11, 2012

House of Chocolate...

I went to Luxembourg this weekend, and while it was a pretty city highlighted with bright fall colors and ruins of amazing castles, I was overall not super impressed with the city. It just did not have a ton of personality and culture of its own. The Chocolate House, however, was quite a fun (and delicious) exception!

One thing that annoyed me about Luxembourg was that it became a ghost town at night, when I was walking to dinner just before 7pm, almost everything (restaurants included) were closing their doors. After dinner, I could not find a single place open to get dessert. I stumbled upon The Chocolate House, that still had lights on, but when I walked in, they told me they had closed but to come back in the morning. The place was adorable so I made a note of it and came for breakfast the next day. 

You picked your hot chocolate flavor from shelves filled with every kid of chocolate you could imagine, and then they brought you hot milk to make your sweet drink!

They also had beautiful and delicious cakes of every kind, color, and shape! The place was pleasantly decorated with basic wooden tables and their own products arranged to add color. It was such a fun little experience!

So, if you ever find yourself in Luxembourg, make sure you stop by The Chocolate will not disappoint!


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