Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life or Life...

Just after I published that self-pity post, I decided to watch a video that had been on my to-do list for the last few days. I think it was God's way of convicting me that I need to have a different outlook on life.

 If you have seen me in the last few months, you have probably noticed my Team Ben bracelet that I wear to remind me to pray for my friend Ben Farley who is battling cancer. To give a brief background, the Farleys are our neighbors and family friends back home. Their middle son, Ben, was re-diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and has been an encouraging witness of faith throughout this whole process. I have loved following along and hearing updates from my mom, and I got to hang out with Will Farley, his brother, this past weekend in Istanbul. Ben was a year behind me at CPA, and this video is of him sharing at CPA chapel last week. It was inspiring and encouraging to me to see my friend wholeheartedly rely on God, but also using his battle to share Christ's love with others. I promise, if you watch Ben's talk, you will not regret it. If you can't find 45 minutes to spare, then I will leave you with the line that struck me the most. Commenting on the news that the doctors told Ben he would only survive two or three months, he said, "It's not life-or-death situation...its life or life." That is a powerful statement and one that I hope to be able to live out in my life.


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