Wednesday, October 24, 2012

leaving the land of gelato, vino, and endless pasta...

I've been in Italy for almost two weeks and I have absolutely loved it...but I am glad I am leaving now before my body weight has doubled from all the italian food.

the trip really has been wonderful. my mom and I enjoyed both some relaxing days at the amalfi coast and some touristy days packed with sight seeing all over Rome. It was great getting to spend time with my mom and we were sad to say goodbye. she flew back to the states on saturday and I headed up to Florence to meet up with friends.

I adore is easily in my top five favorite cities in the world. It is beautiful and packed with character, but it's also walkable and gives you the small town vibe. And the added bonus, my closest younger friends are almost all studying in Florence (there's a great Wake crew there for the semester!), so it was great to hang out with them and have them show me the ropes. On Sunday, Kate arrived from Turkey and Lisa flew in from London which was a fun and much needed reunion. We explored the city together and shared our stories over delicious Italian meals and lots of wine. It was so refreshing to be with old friends in such a great city. We definetly could have stayed longer. But after a few fun days in Florence, we packed our bags and are currently en route to Turkey.

I am so excited to see Istanbul and get a taste of Turkish culture! especially since Kate is living in turkey, it will be fun to have an insider to show us around!

here are a few snaps from italia...


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