Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cold and Sick...

After an amazing vacation, life had to go downhill somehow. I was not picturing it playing out like this, but such is life. I am so sick, with a bad head cold and sinus congestion and just all around feel pretty miserable. Well, I thought being sick in college was pretty bad because my mom wasn't there, but I always had sweet friends, roommates, and my cousin's house to help me get through it. I guess this is another minus to living alone. Being sick alone is about as fun as being deserted on a desert island alone.

I woke up this morning feeling terrible, I look around to find absolutely no medicine in my entire apartment. I had one mini thing of kleenex, but that was it. Every time I needed to drink something, I had to get up and make it myself. (Also, I can't call people with whom I have to speak in German because my German is so bad...so I had to drag myself down to the school to tell them I was too sick to come in today. Luckily I looked miserable enough that my co-teacher was horrified and told me to go immediately back to bed.) I have virtually no food in my apartment (although I had several cans of soup, thankfully!), but I did not have the energy to walk to the grocery store in the pouring rain. I will admit, though, that I did have energy to watch a few Downtown Abbey episodes in bed, which was the only bright spot in my day.  I am just now (at almost 7pm) able to get out of bed and sit up, so at least I was able to make some soup. And hopefully this means I am on the mend!

I realize, life could be worse than being sick and alone in Germany. And if this is my biggest complaint in life, I really should be counting my blessings, but I will still say that I have learned my lesson about always being prepared (with meds AND food!) for the worst. Here's to hoping I will be better in the morning!


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  1. Hey, perspective aside, sometimes ya gotta mope a little. I'm sending you love and hot tea and cozy blankets and interesting movies across the ocean...!