Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not Quite the 4th of July...

October 3rd is German Independence is actually the day to celebrate East and West Germany being unified, but it is their equivalent to July 4th! I wasn't sure what to expect, and my dragons told me nothing exciting happened on this day, so I had low hopes. My plans were to enjoy the day off school, go for a long run, do some reading, try making German "milk rice" (which was delicious!), and catch up on e-mails and Skype dates. After lounging in my pajamas and eating breakfast in bed, I decided it was time for my run. I like trying different routes around Wald-Michelbach, which often results in me coming up on HUGE hills and having to walk, but at least I get to see more of the town. Today, town was dead. I was trying a new route that circled around the back of town, though, and I stumbled upon this celebration for the bakery being in business for 140 years! 

After getting some free sweets (which I'm sure more than cancelled out my run!), I bumped into one of my [adorable] students and his family. He wanted me to run around with him and buy these prize tickets, so I did that before joining his parents to talk and enjoy a few drinks (It's funny because I really do not like beer or coffee...and somehow those are the only two drinks anyone ever offers me over this time I went for the coffee). I ended up spending more than two hours at the celebration, which was such a pleasant addition to my day! Happy German Independence Day, y'all!


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