Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dragon School Disco...

I decorated the chalk board in preparation for the event!

The Dragons asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to come to the "Disco" they were hosting, and having no idea what that meant, I said yes. As the days went on, I found out that their "Disco" was an all night dance party.  It was scheduled for October 2nd, since they had the day off of school on the 3rd for Independence Day. Thats right, my cute little students stayed up from 8pm to 9am dancing around with a few colored lights, a disco ball, and bad American pop music. So, I quickly realized I needed an out. I told them I was "too old" to stay up all night, but I'd come for the first few hours (I definitely lost some cool points, but they reluctantly said that would be fine).
They had plenty of disco lights and decor for the party!

This week, the kids were all VERY excited about the "Disco"...all discussing whether or not they were coming, if they planned to stay all night, would their parents allow them to go, etc. etc. One little girl even insisted on painting my finger nails "sunsets" in preparation for the "Disco"...I'm not really sure what sunsets have to do with disco but there is a language barrier so I let that one slide.

I also happened to have some sweet disco ball earrings left over from Chi O Disco (Don't ask me why they made it to Germany...somehow I packed only 4 pairs of socks but my disco ball earrings still made the cut!). These gained me some serious street cred with the kids, they all complimented them and the girls were asking where they could get a pair!
Lina and I...note the disco ball earrings!

Now, for the disco dancing! Like I've mentioned before, these kids have no concept of muscle fatigue. The smaller ones quickly learned that (with all the furniture cleared out of the room for the event...), I could hold onto their arms and spin them around as they went flying. They wanted me to do this constantly. I kept saying, "I'm dizzy! I can't because I'm dizzy..." but they just did not understand.
Dancing, Dancing, Dancing.

On another note, they all brought snacks. Great, right? Wrong. Their snacks included every gross flavored potato chips, a few overly sugary drinks, and only the sweetest candy that even I can't stomach (and thats saying something...I love candy!). So, in addition to my dizziness and tiredness, I had a stomach ache from trying a few of their nasty snacks.
A few students even dressed up for the occasion!

At about 10:30, after a full two hours of "Disco-ing", I was able to sneak away and get back to my apartment. I could still hear the music and the kids bopping around almost all night but at least I was able to enjoy the dancing for only a few hours and still catch some zzz's. And a few of them brought beds so they could sleep, too, but it didn't sound like anyone slept!
This blowup mattress was a queen sized bed and so comfy...I wanted to steal it for my apartment!

(My apologies that the pictures are low quality...I only had my german phone with me so I had to snap what I could with that! And despite the fact that they are blurry, they still kinda capture the hilariousness of the evening!)


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  1. I can't believe they stayed up all night. Prepping them for clubbing later on ... the European lifestyle, I guess.