Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life in Capri...

...and suprisingly not because of the breathtaking views, the wonderful Italian cuisine, or the beautiful designer stores. I thought I was stuck on Capri for life because the boat ride over was SO horrible. I, in all seriousness, did not think i could survive another one to get me off the island.

We had spent the past few days on the amalfi coast, and thought we'd casually boat over to Capri for the day before heading on to Rome. well, the boat looked acceptable so we hopped on with a bunch of other tourists. little did we know, we were in for a ROUGH ride. I managed to control my horribly weak stomach somehow, but my mom unfortunately didn't. regardless we both arrived in Capri green faced and thinking we were stuck on that island for life. luckily it's a beautiful place, and we did get to see it when we finally recovered from our seasickness, but we were worried all day about how we were going to get back. my mom wanted to price helicopter rides, but by the grace of God I was able to get us on a cruise ship to Naples so we arrived unscathed. it was quite an eventful day. and as beautiful as Capri is, we were both glad when we realized it wouldn't have to be our permanent home.

(apologies that I am blogging from my phone and cant put the pictures where I want them, but here are the captions!)

1. my mom and I after we dodged the tourist traps and hiked out to an isolated spot with a great view
2. taking selfies because we were alone with this beautiful background
3. this is where we sat to recover from our terribly sick stomachs (I know, at least we had a pretty view, but that doesn't make up for how sick we were!)
4. windy but beautiful beaches!
5. this is, again, where we hiked out to see the view...but in this picture you can see a boat like the cursed one we rode in on!

and now we are safely in Rome, awaiting more adventures over the next few days! xoxo

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