Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Epitome of a Great Teacher

Mrs. Carroll was more than a teacher. She taught me how to write and appreciate good literature, but, more importantly, how to find passion in every aspect of life. She knew when to push, when to encourage, and when to dance "the jig". Mrs. Carroll was a fiery red head who taught us a great deal about english and writing, but even more about the importance of a life well lived. She took the journalism students out of school to take us to San Francisco, San Diego, and Philadelphia…to learn about journalism, but ended up teaching us a lot more about how to travel and manage ourselves. Mrs. Carroll hated when I told people she was grandmother, but loved when I jokingly called her "Auntie Deanne". She went above and beyond as an english teacher, inviting the entire grade to her house for movie viewings after we finished a novel, editing my college essays with a fine tooth comb, and staying at school until the late hours of the night when we had a yearbook deadline. The world needs more people like Deanne Carroll, and I was fortunate to have called her a teacher and a friend. 

I hope you are dancing "the jig" in heaven, Mrs. Carroll.
You will be greatly missed.

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