Friday, July 11, 2014

Hemingway's Hangout

There are so many interesting restaurants, historical hideouts, and delicious snack place tucked away up here in northern Michigan. One of our all time favorites is City Park Grille, a wonderful restaurant located across the bay in Petosky.

City Park Grille is known for its amazing biscuits, mouth-watering entrees, ornately crafted ceiling tiles, but, most of all, because it was Ernest Hemingway's favorite bar and hangout back in the day. It is cool to think we are sitting there eating in the same place where he sat, drank, and wrote.


It was Hemingway's handout mostly during the Prohibition era, and the dim lighting and dark mahogany everywhere still give off the vibe that you're "underground". I'd like to think City Park is what inspired the infamous Hemingway line, "Write drunk, edit sober".


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