Monday, July 14, 2014

I hope Heaven will be like Harbor Springs...

This place is amazing. A crisp, cool breeze. Boats sailing in and out of the harbor. Friendly people and cute pups wandering the streets, window shopping. The pace of life is slow and leisurely…everyone is stopping to admire the view, rest on a bench, or point out a gorgeous garden. Biking and walking are the main modes of transportation. Harbor Springs is a colorful, idyllic place.

 I walked outside today, clad in my usual jeans and a tank top (with a sweater in my purse for when it gets cold) and noted how hot it felt today. When I glanced at the thing in my car later, I realized it was 76 degrees. Nashville will be a rude awakening next week, but while I am here, I will bask in the serenity and beauty that Harbor Springs constantly offers. (And I will try to share the beauty with you via these photographs I have snapped over the past two weeks!)

And if you aren't in love with this place by now, we aren't friends anymore. Otherwise, let me know when you want to book your flight! Visitors are always welcome :)

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  1. You're torturing me-- but I'm glad you're living it up.