Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Cabaña: In Progress

I was up in Harbor Springs for about three weeks. The project had several phases (and the one that still needs to happen is exterior painting, hence no outside pictures of the cabaña!).

Before leaving Nashville, I purchased a good bit of furniture and decorations and things I would need. My parents also picked up a new mattress in Indiana, so they certainly had an interesting drive up.

The first week there, my parents and Peter were also there, so my dad was a major help as we deep cleaned the whole place. I also began the shopping process for big items, like a new couch and rugs, up there.

The second week, I finished up cleaning and focused on painting. I was prohibited from painting walls and the main floors, but the cabinets and bathrooms were quite a feat. 

I also made about a thousand trips to Home Depot and Lowe's, piling all sorts of supplies in and atop my poor little car.

The last week, I finalized all the furniture. I decorated. And I made sure it all looked nice and the way that I had envisioned it.

And, to give a better visual, here is the floor plan of the cabaña.

Next up, the finished product!

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