Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ideal Saturday

It has been a busy week, bopping from one thing to the next. I am loving this little summer breather. I promise the cabana pictures will come, but real life has been taking priority to blog life :) I just thought I'd share about the fun filled day I had yesterday…complete with so many of my favorite things!

7:00 am wake up by my best friend, emily, to ski before the lake got busy

8:30 relax all day on the dock, swimming, and chatting

2:00 pm sadly my lake departure, appreciate small town alabama, two hour drive jam session

4:45 pm fruit tea date with camille

6:00 pm babysit my three favorite boys

9:30 pm celebrating two dear friends, parker and kelly's, engagement with a party full of new and old friends

11:00 pm go downtown to meet my sweet old roommate, bo, who was in town for a bachelorette bash

2:00 am crash into my bed like i hadn't slept in weeks

It is days like these when I am really reminded how blessed I am by the amazing, diverse, fun people that I am blessed to have in my life.

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  1. I love the brother's foot in the after-bath pic!