Friday, May 16, 2014


There are two days of the year where I am extra, extra proud to be a Nashvillian. Thanksgiving Day and Steeplechase Day. This past Saturday was Steeplechase, and it was a blast as always.

Its hard to explain why Steeplechase is so fun. Was it the fact that it was supposed to rain but turned into a beautiful day? Was it the wonderful company? Is it the running into old friends? Is it the sunny, spring weather? Is it the alcohol and tailgating? Is it the horses whizzing past? Is it the people watching and the crazy hats? It really is not any one of those things, but the day as a whole that makes for an exciting, entertaining event! Here are a few snaps to see a glimpse of our day.


 If you have never experienced Steeplechase, it is a sight to see! I look forward to it every Spring!

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