Thursday, May 8, 2014

African time, African driving

I have spent a good bit of time in Africa. It is a different world. The smells, the people, the concept of time, the food, the lifestyle, the driving, the atmosphere…it is so different from any other place I have ever experienced. As different as it is, it is wonderful. I love it. I love the calmness, the beauty of the land, the people. I even love the absurdity of it...the fact that I went six weeks without taking a shower. I loved adapting to life without running water or electricity. And after a while, I even grew to love the crazy drivers and "African time".
This was the view of Mt. Kenya from the yard of my host family, where I lived in the summer of 2011.
When I saw this video, it took me straight back to my summers in Kenya. The crazy mutatus, vans packed with people and animals, blaring bad 90's music and driving like maniacs.

For anyone out there who has spent time in Africa, particularly Kenya or Ethiopia, I hope this video sparks crazy, hilarious, dangerous stories from your past like it did mine.


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