Saturday, May 31, 2014

[Baby] Carlyle and Nellie tie the knot!

It is crazy that its been almost two years since Carlyle and I were romping around the Alps as we discussed his plans to marry to Nellie. And, as of this past Saturday, his dreams came true! They were wed on a beautiful ranch outside of Dallas, Texas.
 And, let me tell you, it was quite the celebration!

As you can imagine, an outdoor Texas wedding in the middle of the afternoon was extremely warm. We were all sweating. They provided cute fans, but we were still struggling in that heat.

I loved how Carlyle and Nellie had so many kids in their wedding. They were precious in their baby suspenders, and the littlest girl had a barbie in her basket to keep her happy while she dropped a few flowers down the aisle.

Muir absolutely adores these family photos. So, we humored her and took them, even though we have plenty that look pretty similar from other family weddings.

I do love these ones of all the girls. And I'm sure Muir will have them framed in no time :)

After presenting the new Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Aguren, the reception quickly moved into full swing!

The groom's cake was a Chipotle burrito. Isn't that hilarious?! Carlyle is a Chipotle fanatic, so this was fitting! It was delicious, too.

The real cake was beautiful and delicious, too!

Jonny captured this sweet photo of Ali and I just hanging with the Poochster.

Per usual, we loved the photo booth!

The dancing was incredibly fun. The band was fantastic. But a major highlight was when Ian, my cousin's boyfriend, took the stage to perform his own rendition of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. The whole room was on the dance floor going crazy. Ian is very talented.

Muir, our beloved grandmother, is 87 and was tearing up the dance floor all night long. Every person at the wedding was loving it. When complimented on her dancing, Muir will admit that she simply does her aerobics moves on the dance floor! Hey, it works!

Honestly, just hanging with the fam was a highlight!

Thank you for a wonderful celebration, Carlyle and Nellie! We are all wishing you a long and joyful marriage!

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