Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Engagement Excitement!

I always say that the best couples are the ones that are both loved and cool as individuals, but are even more incredible and fun to be around as a couple. Some of my dear friends, Sam and John, are a prime example of this. 

 And this weekend, they got engaged!!

Everyone was absolutely thrilled when they heard the news, so Bizzell and I decided to throw a little impromptu engagement party so we could all celebrate together!

It came together amazingly well, and had a great turnout (for less than a day's notice!). It was a night full of celebrations and excitement!

Everyone crowded around to hear the story! It was a sweet and well-thought out engagement in San Francisco. John asked Sam to marry him on a island overlooking the bay and the city, complete with a private boat ride back and a surprise dinner with both of their families there.

These girls are all SO excited to celebrate the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell! It was a wonderful evening honoring an even more wonderful couple!

We love you, Sam and John!

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