Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pennies on the Train Track

On Saturday afternoon, Bizzell and I randomly decided to mark one of the tasks off my bucket list and set pennies on the train track near my house.

When we got there, there was a train just sitting there. We waited a minute to make sure it was parked, then crept up the rickety stairs to place our pennies (and foreign coins) down on the track.

Isn't that cool looking?? We were just hoping the train didn't suddenly crank up while we were underneath.

We jogged back to my house and then totally forgot about it. Bizzell asked me the next day if I had gone back, but it was pouring rain so I couldn't go then. Yesterday, I finally remembered to go check.

The train had long since left, and our flattened coins were scattered around the track. They looked so cool! It reminded me of those souvenir coins you can make by flattening a penny [which I collected on my cross-country road trip!].

This was a fun little experiment. It made me miss the dragons, they would love doing this!

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