101 things is 1001 days

1. Ride an elephant.
2. Move into a house with friends. October 2013
3. Write a novel.
4. Be featured on a blog.
5. Get more into my photography hobby.
6. Lead a younger girls bible study.
✓ 7. See Beyonce live. Berlin in May 2013.
8. Fill up my entire passport. June 2015.
9. Make a habit of working out.
10. Participate in a color run.
11. Visit every continent (sans Antartica). North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America
12. Go to an Atlanta Braves game.
✓ 13. Take a spontaneous trip. (to Southern France, May 2013)
14. Become a better blogger (new design, post more regularly, etc).
15. Buy a new car.
✓ 16. Volunteer regularly.
17. Visit six new states. (Massachusetts,
18. Make a scrapbook of my year in Germany.
19. Write letters to my future children to open on their birthdays.
✓ 20. Become a better thrifty shopper.
21. Paint some real paintings.
22. Take a siblings trip (all four of us).
23. Get a puppy of my own.
24. Compile a cookbook of friends/family recipes.
✓ 25. Visit at least 25 countries before I move back to America. Hungary in March 2013 was my 25th.
26. Take cooking lessons.
27. List 1000 things I am thankful for.
28. Throw a surprise party for a friend.
29. Host a girls weekend. May 2014, Nashville
30. Visit Boston. May 2015
✓ 31. Reach 15,000 views on this blog. (January 2014)
32. Get a little sister from Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
33. Read The Bible in a year.
34. Memorize 20 new bible verses.
35. Run a half marathon with my dad.
36. Take a mother/daughter trip.
37. Convince more friends to move to Nashville. (Camille, Ellie)
38. Paint a room. Cabana revamp, summer 2014
✓ 39. Plan a scavenger hunt. For the dragons, February 2013
40. Contribute to a travel website.
41. Go to Israel.
42. Get a new piercing.
✓ 43. Learn to drive a stick shift. By my German friend, June 2013
44. Graduate from graduate school. May 2015, from Vanderbilt
45. Complete an art journal.
46. Invent something useful.
47. Do a cleanse.
48. Make a praying in color journal.
49. Travel to India.
50. Start a collection of something.
51. Listen to every song in my iTunes library.
52. Recover and revamp old furniture.
✓ 53. Attend ten concerts. Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, Beyonce, Dirty Guv'nahs, Blake Shelton, Ben Rector, Dave Barnes, Keith Urban, Brett Dennen, Matt Wertz
✓ 54. Go on a solo vacation. Sardinia, February 2013
55. At least for one day, be a street performer.
56. Ride a sailboat in an exotic place.
57. Go back and visit Wake Forest. October 2013
58. Spend a weekend camping.
59. Pay the car behind me's toll at a toll booth.
60. Work as a waitress.
61. Make a wine cork board.
62. Write an article on loneliness.
63. Have a garage sale.
64. Start saving for retirement.
65. Put a penny on a train track and come back to see what happened. April 2014
66. Learn to snow ski.
67. Whiten my teeth.
68. Throw a half birthday party.
69. Scratch five new countries off my scratch map. Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Peru
70. Start using coupons. When I became a poor graduate student, Fall 2013
71. Deep clean my closets.
72. Learn to sew my own clothing.
73. Join a church.
74. Learn to french braid. May 2013
75. Walk the brooklyn bridge.
76. See a concert at Red Rocks.
77. Win a free iPad.
78. Go zip lining in Costa Rica.
79. Lay out on the beaches of Thailand.
80. See the Great Wall of China.
81. Give up sweets for six months.
82. Be flexible enough to touch my toes.
83. Sell my own artwork.
84. Go all 1001 days without getting a speeding ticket.
85. Have an article published on Thought Catalogue
86. Make a quilt.
87. Attend Bonnaroo (or an equally cool musical festival).
88. Learn to fishtail braid.
89. Obtain a 6-pack.
90. Start throwing an annual "Carroll Family Christmas Party"
91. Take a salsa dancing class.
92. Go snorkeling or scuba diving.
93. See Machu Picchu. June 2015.
94. Take a wine tour in Napa. November 2013.
95. Play paintball (preferably 10 Things I Hate About You style).
96. Write a song. Co-written and performed by one of the dragons. April 2013
97. Go swimming with sharks (or dolphins).
98. Solve a rubics cube.
99. Go on a sister trip (with Alison and Eleanor too!).
100. Take a road trip up the east coast.
101. Put $10 in savings for every item not accomplished.

**I was inspired to compile a cross between a bucket list and a list of goals...and I felt like this was a perfect balance for where my life is currently. The deadline gives you some extra inspiration, but its a long enough time period that the list is achievable! My start date was February 20, 2013 which makes 1001 days later to be November 18, 2015! Wish me luck, and if you want to help me cross any items off my life, please let me know!**



  2. Lets go on our mother daughter trip to Costa Rica! We can zip line, snorkel, swim with porpoises (NOT sharks), I'll teach you to French braid and fishtail braid and you can write a song about it!

  3. Today at lunch your mom and dad mentioned to me about your blog and 101 things to do in 1001 days.

    I can help you with #98. I have taught 50+ kids how to solve the Rubik's Cube at a summer program in Franklin. I have a cube to send you along with a guide to solve it. You can do it! I can always help you when you get back to Nashville.

    Mr. Sanders

  4. What about a sister trip Lod!??

    1. check it out...i updated #99 just for you. now come visit and lets make it happen!

  5. I WANT TO HELP ACCOMPLISH A LOT OF THESE!!! We can certainly start working on your flexibility next week, train for a half when we both return to America, and shoot you know I'll help deep clean those closets!! Can't wait to help cross a bunch off...and maybe #101 won't even have to happen ;)

  6. ok learn to drive stick shift will be covered when you visit us in uk or scotland.

  7. #84 is gonna be tough! so proud of you Lod ill help you make this list happen