Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nut Lover and #weddingskills

I attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday night. A stunning bride, a beautiful church, a nice ceremony, a festive reception, delicious food, an open bar, a fun crowd, an adorable ceramic squirrel…and, of course, great wedding hashtags! #weddingskills #skillmanandwife 

In all seriousness, Natalie and Jonathan's wedding was gorgeous and it was a spectacular evening with a wonderful couple! I was happy to be a part of their celebration! Here are a few pictures so you can be a part, also…

The ceremony was beautiful, and it was especially meaningful that Natalie's dad, who has been battling cancer, was well enough to walk her down the aisle! And the flowers were the most bright and vibrant that I have ever seen…they were incredible!

Nut lover almost got left in the church, but Jonny and I rescued him and brought him to cocktail hour.

When we arrived at the reception, held in Natalie's front yard, the details were absolutely amazing.

We hung around and enjoyed the speeches and fellowship, while, of course, enjoying cocktails and admiring all the beauty that filled the place.

The brand new Skillman couple appeared on the balcony and realized white doves, the symbol of peace and love, to fly away in honor of their new marriage.

Jenga and Corn hole were quite the hits.

There was an illustrator who beautifully watercolored the events of the evening. Natalie and Jonathan will receive a book of her paintings. Isn't that a neat, different way to capture the precious moments of your wedding day? Of course, Nut Lover had his portrait made.

Dancing and Nut Lover were the highlights of the evening. Every guest hit the dance floor and every guest was loving on Nut.

Ali, Nat Attack, Nut Lover, and myself. What a lovely wedding.

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